Quiz at the Globe is among my favourite Wednesday evening activities. It’s a great way to unwind with friends after a long day at the office. The quiz is always challenging and interesting. Most importantly – it’s great fun! >>> LILIA REVAK

I love Dany’s quizzes, the best quizmaster in Prague. His quizzes are fun and challenging with a professional presentation & a vast diversity of topics. >>> JERRY STROH

I couldn’t think of a better quiz master for our university quiz nights. The quiz is challenging and do-able at the same time and I can guarantee you that after you play, you will be kicking yourself for at least one of those “how could I not have known that!?” moments. >>> JOEL IMHOOF

I have both competed in and organized/hosted quizzes for several years, so I know how very difficult it can be to plan and run a good one. Getting the level of difficulty right, structuring the types and styles of questions, mastering multimedia, making sure everyone is having fun, keeping the emphasis on the players and maintaining energy and momentum are all very difficult. Not only is Dany Hudicek a master of each of those elements, he makes it all seem quite easy. After attending his quizzes a few times, I had to completely rethink how I organize mine. He runs a fun, friendly quiz that ensures almost everyone comes out feeling bright for knowing some things and the serious competitors feel like they had good opportunity to show off. >>> STEVEN WILLIAMS